Support & Help for Older Retired Police At Difficult Times

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For retired police officers whether trans gendered or not; when it comes to later life there are often health problems that occur or keep re-occuring due to older age. It can be a stressful and worrying time for individuals and their families; especially so if they aren't as close to their family; whether geographically, or in fact emotionally. Thinking about the later years it's important to keep a firm grip on the fact that the health problems may not disappear and that thinking about and planning for the eventuality that we all have to do at some point is inevitable. Talking to someone about making a will and what to do before death who can offer support and advice is paramount and, surprisingly, allows for some relief knowing that your affairs are 'sorted'. As a society we shun the talk about things that make us feel fearful or apprehensive as it's a topic which makes us ask some serious questions of ourselves; yet that is not reason enough to avoid it. Least of all because of costs going up across the board, as we enter our retirement years we have less access to disposable income and that can be a serious issue when and if we desperately need it to take care of ourselves.

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